Computer Vision Syndrome in Eye disease

We all use computers these days, but very few of us know that how to work on computers... I might be offending many of you, by saying that. But that is true!!

Here are few tips for working on computers

  • While we work on computers, we keep staring at the monitor; our blinking reduces to less than seventy percent of normal. Blinking is very vital for maintenance of external surface of eyes. Due to lack of blinking our eyes become dry, resulting in a variety of symptoms such as redness, itching, headache, foreign body sensation, grittiness etc. Hence it is important to blink 10-15 times/minute while we work on computers
  • Always relax your eyes by looking at a distance of 20feets for 30 seconds after every 30 minutes of work on computers. It relaxes your cilliary muscles, which are involved in focusing
  • Take a short break of 2 minutes after every 90 minutes of work on computers. In this break you should leave your seat and walk, you can go and drink a glass of water, can go to wash room or simply a tea break. Organize your work in such a way that you move around in between. This will not only give rest to your eyes but also save you from cervical problem, back pain, varicose veins in your legs and will also recharge your whole body by recirculating stagnated blood in your legs
  • Avoid lights from front or back, while you work on computer. There should be no light/window reflections on the monitor
  • Children should avoid spending more than one hour time in front of TV/Computers/playing mobile games in a day
  • Develop habit of going for a walk daily for at least 30 minutes. Play a sport like badminton/tennis etc. these will be good for eyes as well as your general fitness
  • If your job/study demands more than two hours of work on computers, than avoid spending unnecessary time in front of computer/TV
  • If your glass number is progressing after 18 years of age, than consult eye specialist, expert in dealing with computer vision syndrome, because this can be due to accommodation spasm. In this case increasing your number will only increase your trouble and you will fall in a vicious cycle of increasing numbers and further increasing eyestrains
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