10 Things You Must Know About Eyes in Eye disease

Take care of your eyes!

Here are few tips

  • Always go for an annual eye examination
  • Glaucoma (kala motia) is a silent killer for vision, it robs your vision quietly but most of the time it can easily be controlled, if detected timely. Vision once lost due to glaucoma cannot be regained with any treatment. So after 40 years of age make it a habit to go for comprehensive eye examination
  • Every child must undergo a comprehensive eye examination from an eye specialist at least once before attaining age of seven year. Amblyopia (lazy eye) is a common condition which can be easily treated, if detected before 7 years of age but it becomes untreatable afterward
  • Lasik laser is one of the best treatments available today for removal of glasses up to -8 diopter. But everybody is not suitable. Your age should be above 18 year, number should be stable for one year, your cornea should be of sufficient thickness, and your retina should be healthy. Laser only removes your glasses but it does not remove the underlying pathology
  • All red eyes are not due to eye flu; hence one should avoid self medications. Conditions like glaucoma, uveitis, episcleritis and scleritis also present with redness of eyes. Conjunctivitis can also be associated with keratitis (inflammation of cornea); in that case self medication can be disastrous. NEVER USE STEROIDS WITHOUT EXPERT SUPERVISION
  • Diabetes slowly and silently damages your eyes, hence if you are diabetic than you must go for a regular (frequency depends on your eye condition) at least annual comprehensive eye examination. Always follow your doctor's advice because treatment timing is crucial
  • Eye donation is done within 6-8 hours of death, removal procedure takes just 15-20 minutes time, and you give vision to two persons. Even persons who have not pledged donation, their eyes can be donated. Eye transplantation (corneal) is helpful only for persons with corneal blindness, but if your vision is destroyed due to some other reason than transplantation cannot help you
  • Phacoemulsification is the latest technology for treatment of cataract. Cataract is cloudiness of natural lens. In Phacoemulsification natural lens is emulsified using ultrasonic energy delivered through a small needle and emulsified lens pieces are aspirated through same needle. To get the best results from this surgery foldable lens artificial lens is implanted in the eye in place of cloudy natural lens
  • People who spend lot of time in front of computer/ television start developing a group of symptoms, which is known as computer vision syndrome. Headache, eye strain, redness of eyes, grittiness in eyes, blurred vision, progression of myopic number after 18 year of age, are some manifestation. Reason for these is dryness of eye, tiredness of muscles and accommodation spasm. You must take advice urgently
  • Myopic person must get his eyes thoroughly examined for tears and holes in retina, annually. Myopics (people with minus numbers) have weak retina, which has risk of developing tears and holes, which if detected timely can be repaired
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